Hieroglyphs is an internationally peer-reviewed open access e-journal aiming to promote the academic study of hieroglyphs in all their dimensions in Egyptology and with a comparative angle extending to other hieroglyphic traditions and writing systems with a strongly iconic component. The journal provides a dedicated home for studies of hieroglyphs in all their semiotic, linguistic, cognitive, aesthetic, cultural, and material aspects.

Comité éditorial

John Baines (Oxford)
Nathalie Beaux (Paris)
Philippe Collombert (Genève)
Zev Handel (Seattle)
Ben Haring (Leiden)
Stephen Houston (Providence)
Cale Johnson (Berlin)
David Klotz (Boston)
Dimitri Laboury (Liège)
Dimitri Meeks (Paris)
Ludwig Morenz (Bonn)
Annick Payne (Venezia)
Christian Prager (Bonn)
Joachim Quack (Heidelberg)
Hani Rashwan (Abu Dhabi)
Gebhard Selz (Wien)
Mohamad Sharif Ali (Giza)
Pascal Vernus (Paris)
Willemijn Waal (Leiden)
Haicheng Wang (Seattle)
Daniel Werning (Berlin)
Jean Winand (Liège)

Hieroglyphs est disponible en ligne sur le site de la revue.