Big bone disease


A multidisciplinary approach of Kashin-Beck disease in Tibet Autonomous Region (P.R. China)

par MALAISSE, François et MATHIEU, Françoise

Kashin-Beck disease is probably one of the most neglected diseases. It occurs in only a very limited part of the world, in a crescent shape area situated from South East Siberia to North West China. It affects mainly the rural population of these remote regions and more specifically the children. They are suffering from a lot of joint pain and lose their mobility. They stop to grow properly and they became severely handicapped. Since more than 15 years, an international team together with his partner, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of Tibet Autonomous Region, are studying this disease with, sometimes, very limited means but always in a marvellous environment. Their daily workmates are the lovely children, the yaks and other animals of the Himalaya region as well as the unique variety of flowers and plants, under the beautiful shadow of some of the highest peaks of the world. Their unique multidisciplinary approach of the complex issue of the Kashin-Beck disease is done with a constant worry of a better knowledge of the environment and its population. Through a lot of beautiful pictures and some more scientific data, the authors, with an immoderate enthusiasm, will drive you along the valleys of the high Tibetan plateau and will accompany you for a visit from one village to another to meet these patients and understand the difficulties of their daily life.

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